Corporate Coworking Terms & Conditions

Rules & Regulations for Licensees

The following rules and regulations shall apply, where applicable, to the Premises, the Building, the Property, and the appurtenances thereto. The Licensor reserves the right to amend, alter or revise the rules and regulations from time to time and Licensee shall comply with all such rules and regulations as amended, altered or revised:

1) As representatives of the Tech Belt Energy Innovation Center (DBA BRITE, “BRITE”), Licensees are expected to maintain appropriate behavior and standards at all times. Actions or behavior deemed by TBEIC Management to be damaging to the image or reputation of TBEIC will be cause for immediate termination of the License and eviction from the premises.

2) Licensees shall comply with all safety, fire protection and evacuation procedures and regulations established by TBEIC or any governmental agency.

3) BRITE requires all visitors to sign in at the front desk – no exceptions. Subtenants will comply with measures instituted for the security of the Building which include signing in or out in a register in the Building lobby before and after normal business hours and on weekends. Subtenants shall not provide access to the Building to anyone for any purposes other than those directly related to the Subtenants’ business. BRITE assumes no responsibility or liability for any theft, robbery or other crime in the building. Subtenants shall assume full responsibility for protecting their own premises, including keeping all doors to the premises locked after the close of business.

4) No firearms, explosives, fireworks, intoxicating drugs or flammable, radioactive, potentially contagious or hazardous materials will be permitted in or around the building without disclosure to and specific permission from BRITE management.

5) Licensees shall not use the premises for any illegal purposes. Operations of a “dangerous” nature as determined by the Lessor will be carried out only by qualified individuals certified or experienced in such tasks, and in areas pre-approved for such work.

6) Licensee shall not permit the use of any portion of the Premises as sleeping quarters, lodging rooms or for any unlawful purpose.

7) Sidewalks, doorways, vestibules, halls, stairways, and other similar areas shall not be obstructed by Licensees or used by any Licensee for any purpose other than ingress and egress to and from the Licensee’s premises and for going from one part of the Building to another part of the Building. No rubbish; trash, litter or material of any nature shall be placed, emptied or thrown in those areas.

8) Licensees shall not place objects against glass partitions, doors or windows or adjacent to any open common space which would be unsightly from the building corridors or from the exterior of the building.

9) No material shall be placed in trash receptacles or boxes unless such material may be disposed of in the ordinary and customary manner of removing and disposing of domestic trash, without violating any laws or rules with respect to the disposal thereof. Licensees shall not dispose of any foreign substances in the toilets, urinals, lab sinks or washroom facilities; client shall be liable for all damage as a result of a violation of this rule.

10) Plumbing fixtures and appliances shall be used only for the purpose for which designed, and no sweepings, rubbish, rags, or other unsuitable material shall be thrown or placed therein. Repairs resulting

from such damage to any such fixtures or appliances from misuse by a Licensee shall be paid by the Licensee, and Licensor shall not, in any case, be responsible therefor.

11) At no time shall a Licensee permit its employees, agents, contractors, guests or invitees to smoke in the Building or on the Property, unless such area has been declared a designated smoking area by Licensor.

12) No draperies, blinds, signs, advertisements or notices shall be painted or affixed on or to any windows, doors, corridors, or other parts of the Building, or visible from the exterior of the Premises or the Building, except as shall be first approved by Licensor. Licensees shall not paint, display, inscribe or affix any sign, picture, advertisement, notice, lettering or direction or install any lights on any part of the outside or inside of the building.

13) Licensee shall not install any radio or television or other similar devices exterior to the Premises and shall not erect any aerial, satellite dish or other similar device on the roof or exterior walls of the Building without Licensor’s written approval. Licensees shall not install any signal, communication, alarm or other utility or service system or equipment without Licensor’s written approval.

14) Neither the building manager, nor Licensor will be responsible for lost or stolen personal property, money or jewelry from a tenant’s premises or public areas, regardless of whether such loss occurs when such area is locked against entry.

15) Licensees will be responsible for providing supervision of any moving operations that may involve common areas of TBEIC or the building, and will be liable for any losses and/or damages that result from such activities and/or from a Licensee’s failure to provide such supervision. Moves will be coordinated in advance with TBEIC staff to minimize interference with other activities.

16) Movement of furniture or office equipment, or dispatch or receipt by Licensees of any bulky material, merchandise or materials which requires movement through the Building entrances or lobby shall be restricted to such hours as Licensor may designate, and such movement shall be subject to the direction of Licensor.

17) Licensees and their employees, agents and invitees shall park their vehicles only in those parking areas designated by Licensor. Vehicles must be parked entirely within the stall lines, and all directional signs, arrows and posted speed limits must be observed. Parking is prohibited in areas not striped for parking, in aisles, where "No Parking” signs are posted, on ramps, in cross-hatched areas, and in other areas as may be designated by Licensor. Within five (5) days of Licensor’s request, Licensees shall furnish Licensor, with the state automobile license numbers of all Licensee’s and Licensee’s employees’ vehicles. Thereafter, Licensees shall notify Licensor of any changes within five days after such change occurs. Licensees and their employees shall not leave any vehicle on the Property in a state of disrepair. If Licensees or their employees, agents or invitees park their vehicles in areas other than designated parking areas, or leave any vehicle in a state of disrepair, Licensor, after giving written notice to the Licensee of such violation, shall have the right to remove such vehicle at the Licensee’s expense. Every person is required to park and lock his vehicle. All responsibility for damage to vehicles or persons is assumed by the owner of the vehicle or its driver.

18) Licensor may institute, in connection with The City of Warren, a sticker or other identification system, which shall be adhered to by Licensee. No termination of parking privileges or removal of a vehicle shall create any liability of Licensor or be deemed to interfere with a Licensee’s right to possession of its premises. Parking stickers, or other forms of identification supplied by Licensor, shall remain the property of Licensor and not the property of the Licensee, and are not transferable.

19) Bicycles or other vehicles shall not be permitted inside the Real Property, nor shall any obstruction of sidewalk or entrances of the Building by such be permitted. No riding of toys with wheels, including skates, skateboards, scooters, roller blades, etc. inside the facility.

20) Licensees shall not disturb other building occupants or make excessive noises, cause disturbances, create excessive vibrations, odors or noxious fumes or use or operate any electrical or electronic devices or other devices that emit excessive sound waves or are dangerous to other Subtenants or Licensees of the building or that would interfere with the operation of any device or equipment or radio or television broadcasting or reception from or within the building or elsewhere, and shall not place or install any projections, antennae, aerials or similar devices outside of the building or the premises.

21) Licensee and Licensee’s employees and/or agents shall not solicit business or distribute any hand bills or other advertising matter or samples outside of the Premises. Canvassing, general solicitations, or distribution of political, religious, or cause literature is not permitted.

22) Licensees shall cooperate fully with TBEIC to assure the most effective operation of the building’s heating and air conditioning and shall refrain from attempting to adjust any controls. No birds or animals (except seeing-eye dogs) shall be brought into or kept in, on or about the Building or Property.

23) Inappropriate conduct shall include, but is not limited to, filing bankruptcy, or accommodations for the benefit of creditors, breach of leases or other agreements, charges involving moral turpitude, investigations by law enforcement officials, or any other behavior deemed inappropriate.

24) In addition to the above, Licensees shall abide by all the normal laws.

25) You must adhere to all guidelines from the State of Ohio regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, available in the most recent version from the State of Ohio. For example, you can view a recent iteration of these rules here:

26) Licensees using specific spaces may be required to pay a security deposit to ensure the retainer of certain spaces for the Licensees event(s). These spaces are as designated, and may be required or waived on a case-by-case basis per the instruction of the Licensor. The terms of the security deposit will be determined by the Licensor when not previously specified. The security deposit will be returned to Licensees following the end of their license agreement terms, pending they: a) do not intentionally or unintentionally damage BRITE property; b) do not violate guidelines in place for the safety of the community in light of the COVID-19 pandemic; c) do not attempt to terminate the license agreement early/with less than 24 hours notice, or as otherwise defined by the Licensor; and d) do not otherwise violate these terms and conditions.

Modification of Policies & Rules

BRITE reserves the right to periodically modify these policies, rules, handbook terms and schedules or alter them on a case-by-case basis through discussions with Licensee/client companies

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